Graduate School Travel Awards

  1. CEMB students that need a travel grant to attend (present at) a national meeting can get $600/MS, or $1000/PhD, from the Graduate School.  
  2. The Graduate School requires a 10% match from the department.   CEMB PhD students should be able to get $100 from their department and $100 from CEMB.  MS students qualify for $60 from each but if the Major Professor makes a significant written case to the Director, the CEMB program may provide additional match.
  3. CEMB students should apply to not only their home department, but also to the CEMB program.  
  4. The graduate school has a form that you complete (see Forms and Resources page). There is a place for the Department to match and an additional match entry for other sources.
  5. In order to get support from both your home department and CEMB you must get approval (that means a signature on the travel request) from your department chair/head and from the Director of CEMB. 
  6. You may not assume both the Department Head/Chair and CEMB Director will approve. 
  7. Complete the form (available on the graduate school website under forms) BEFORE your travel.
  8. Have your Department Chair/Head sign the form, and then send it to the CEMB Director. (or you may go in reverse order). The last person to sign sends it to the graduate school.
  9. You need BOTH signatures BEFORE it goes to the Graduate School. 
  10. Travel awards are limited to one per fiscal year (July through June).