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For Students

  • Graduate Assistant Agreement and Acceptance - University of Arkansas agreement form which must be completed for all students on an assistantship.
  • Graduate Student Travel - how to apply for Graduate School and CEMB support to attend a national meeting.
  • Student Academic Progress Forms (see Graduate Student Forms section) - Annual graduate student evaluations are due to the director by June 30 every year. Students should fill out their personal information on the form, schedule an appointment with their major professor, complete the signatures on the form, then send it to the Program Director.
  • Instructional Presentations for Current and New Students

  • Students Requesting Letters of Recommendation

    A professor should not provide a letter of reference for a student unless they can write a letter that is very positive and specific. Therefore, your goal should be to become the kind of student professors can rave about in recommendations: hardworking, collegial, intellectually inquisitive, interactive, and honest. Consider establishing and maintaining strong interactions during your program with professors, so that they know you well enough to write for and about you. You should not ask for letters from professors with whom you have not had positive interactions. The best letters come from professors who have served on your committees, or collaborated with you in research. Also, consider professors who had you in courses where you were highly interactive during the course.

For Faculty

  • Faculty Access to Current Applicant Files- CEMB faculty may access all CEMB-maintained records for students and applicants through our box shared folders. We recommend installing box drive in your favorite Operating System (iOS, Win, Android). Access is also possible through a browser and login through Applicant Profiles and supplementary information are in the Applicants folder. The full applicant file materials that have been submitted to the graduate school can be accessed in Slate through If you don't have access to Slate there is training available through the Graduate School (contact any of the CEMB program administration).