Information for Applicants

For general information about the Program and the Graduate School consult the Graduate Catalog.

NOTE: No applicants are admitted into the program until a CEMB faculty member agrees to sponsor the applicant and accept them into their research program. The sponsoring faculty member will provide direction for education and research, and will arrange for any assistantship. How to obtain a sponsor is covered under Tips and Suggestions for Applicants (.doc).

The Cell and Molecular Biology Program is primarily a Doctoral Program. Approximately 75% of the students admitted are for the PhD program. Students with a BS degree can be admitted directly into the PhD program without a MS degree. 

Letters of Reference

Applicants provide the email addresses of three faculty references. When your application file is processed by the Graduate School the Admissions system will email those faculty with a link to provide a reference through an online submission in our UAConnect student information system. This is new as of October 2014.

Other Forms and Instructions

 CEMB Applicant Profile- an alternative to the Statement of Purpose- fill this out and send it in instead

 Emailing Prospective Faculty Sponsors - An example email.  Very Important- Faculty receive numerous emails from potential applicants seeking admission.  Unless your email specifically addresses the research project(s) in the program of the faculty member then it will appear to be like all the other mass emails and will likely go un-answered.  Very important to link your background, experience, and interests with the faculty member being contacted.

Paperwork for Admitted Students- instructions on what forms to submit to whom and when