Hello, I am Dr. Douglas Rhoads, Director of the Cell and Molecular Biology program for the University of Arkansas. The Cell and Molecular Biology program is a dynamic interdisciplinary program spanning 4 colleges and 17 departments. The program offers diverse research opportunities in agriculture, engineering, nanotechnology, biochemistry, and basic biology. Our goal is to train students from around the world to work with the fundamental building blocks of life itself, to understand life processes, and to solve fundamental biological questions. We seek to improve human existence and living standards for the world through biotechnology. Students in the Cell and Molecular Biology program have many options for training in bacterial, plant, or animal systems. As the University of Arkansas is a Land Grant University, many of our research opportunities have an agricultural or engineering aspect. There are also many opportunities in basic science, health-related research, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Because of the wide array of opportunities and the strong participation of so many highly talented faculty, the Cell and Molecular Biology program has grown to be the largest PhD program at the University of Arkansas. We are also the most diverse graduate program at the U of A, with approximately two thirds of our students being international students. Although the program is primarily a Ph.D. program, we do offer a limited number of Master of Science opportunities. If you are considering applying, then you should consult the Information for Applicants page on the program website for details about how to apply, our assistantships, and finding a faculty sponsor. Please, contact me if you have an interest in joining this growing graduate program, and Go Hogs.


The Cell and Molecular Biology program is an interdisciplinary graduate program that examines various aspects of cell function, structure, metabolism and chemical functions on, within and between cells. Students examine biomolecular interactions, relationships between biomolecular reactions and observed cellular properties, molecular genetics, protein chemistry and biological structures. Students also study the use of molecular detection methods in the detection or characterization of biological states in animal and plant sciences, systematics, forensics and health care.

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Cell and Molecular Biology

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